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Going the green mile and reduce single use plastic in your holiday cottage

Reducing plastic use in any environment is beneficial to the environment and health. Here are several ways you can reduce plastic usage in your holiday cottage:

Buy Bulk: Reduce plastic packaging waste by buying in bulk. Such as snacks, tea, coffee, and other necessities can be bought in larger quantities to avoid smaller packaging waste.

Reusable Containers: Encourage guests to use reusable containers and mugs, provide these items in the cottage for their use. Make sure there are reusable containers for food storage as well.

Provide a Water Filter: Many people use plastic water bottles when they are unsure about the tap water quality. Providing a water filter in the cottage can ensure guests that the water is safe to drink and reduce the need for plastic water bottles.

Offer a Recycling Bin: Even with reduced plastic usage, there will always be some waste. Make sure you have a clear and accessible recycling bin for guests to use.

Use Non-Plastic Alternatives: There are many plastic-free alternatives for common items. For example, consider using bamboo toothbrushes, bar soap instead of liquid soap, metal razors, and shampoo bars.

Use Cloth Instead of Plastic Bags: Provide cloth shopping bags, and if possible, cloth laundry bags for guests to use. These can be washed and reused, significantly reducing plastic bag usage.

Compostable Bin Liners: Instead of using plastic bags for your bins, consider compostable liners or just wash out the bins after use.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies: Many cleaning supplies come in plastic bottles. Look for eco-friendly alternatives that have refillable containers, or make your own cleaning supplies from natural ingredients.

Educate Your Guests: Leave a note or a guide about the efforts you are making to reduce plastic waste in your cottage. Encourage your guests to participate during their stay and provide information on how they can continue these habits at home.

Minimize Disposable Items: Try to avoid disposable plates, cutlery, and cups. Use regular dishes and utensils that can be washed and reused.

By integrating these practices into your holiday cottage, you can make a significant impact on reducing plastic waste. It also sets a positive example for your guests, potentially inspiring them to adopt similar practices in their own homes.

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